Our Focus

We are a neuroscience-focused company developing treatments for rare, life-threatening central nervous system (CNS) disorders

CNS disorders represent 35 percent of the worldwide disease burden, but many drugs available to patients fail to meet the most urgent medical needs and are often accompanied by significant side effects.

SAGE is focused on developing transformative medicines for the patients and families who need it most, and we plan to deliver quickly. With an initial focus on acute and orphan CNS indications with strong preclinical to clinical translation and accelerated development timelines, we hope to rapidly deliver these life-changing medicines.

CNS Disorders

Central nervous system (CNS) disorders affect the ability of the brain and spinal cord to function properly. These disorders affect millions of Americans and include indications such as status epilepticus (persistent seizure), orphan genetic epilepsies such as Rett syndrome and Dravet syndrome, and essential tremor. Select an indication below to learn more about these disorders and the transformative treatments we’re developing to combat them.