Our Science

It’s an exciting time in neuroscience.

The human brain is a complex and integrated network. Navigating this intricate circuitry presents a challenge to developing innovative treatments needed for brain disorders. We seek to develop meaningfully differentiated medicines by rethinking disorders of the central nervous system (CNS).

We take a focused, practical and deliberate approach to drug development in pursuit of novel and differentiated medicines for people with CNS disorders. We’re studying the potential of our novel drug candidates to modulate brain activity. Our goal is to develop products that may address gaps in available treatment options. We use a translational research strategy to explore the action of our compounds, and their therapeutic potential for restoring normal CNS function.

GABA and NMDA Receptors

The human brain is a network of billions of nerve cells, connected in complex electrical circuits to communicate. Brain function and mental health depend on these circuits. Neural regulatory pathways, like GABA and NMDA receptors systems, manage the flow of information. Dysfunction in the GABA and NMDA receptor signaling pathways are implicated in a broad range of CNS disorders.

GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter found throughout the brain. It binds to its receptors to put the brakes on nerve activity and calm the brain. When out of balance, this pathway potentially plays a role in various CNS disorders, including several neurological and mood disorders.

Activated NMDA receptors increase signaling between nerve cells, and play a critical role in stabilizing neural networks. This excitatory receptor system is also implicated in many psychiatric and neurological CNS disorders. We are helping to pioneer research to understand the role of NMDA receptors in disease.

Sage has designed a large library of novel, proprietary compounds that can specifically modulate GABA or NMDA receptor activity. We’re studying our development compounds for their therapeutic potential in restoring normal CNS function. Our goal is to develop products that may address gaps in available treatment options for CNS disorders.