Sage is a commercial-stage company with a track record of success that is a direct result of our approach to discovery and translation into the clinic and market. Our GABA and NMDA research areas are just the beginning. We are actively seeking innovative opportunities with academia and industry.

At Sage, we:

  • think differently about brain health disorders and how we approach the discovery and development of new medicines.
  • search for solutions that have the potential to work faster and last longer, to radically—not just incrementally—improve the lives of patients and their families.
  • leverage our distinct approach to translational medicines and science to drive efficiency in our drug development approach.

We are pursuing new pathways with the goal of improving brain health. Our depression, neurology and neuropsychiatry franchise programs aim to change how brain health disorders are thought about and treated. Although brain health disorders are our primary focus, we may also evaluate opportunities in adjacent areas of interest. We are committed to growing our portfolio, starting with a robust R&D process evaluating the safety and efficacy of our novel drug candidates with the goal of potentially addressing gaps in available treatment options for debilitating brain health disorders. To rapidly advance our clinical development programs, we design efficient studies to look for profound therapeutic effects, and partnered opportunities will be developed using the same principles.

Our commitment to growing our portfolio includes evaluating opportunities that meet the following criteria:

  • Asset stage: preclinical through commercial
  • Modality: small molecules are preferred, but we may be opportunistic on biologics with compelling data
  • Indications: most brain health disorders representing clear unmet medical needs

We are interested in exploring strategic partnerships that:

We’ve built tremendous capabilities around the GABA research area, and believe more is out there.
We see great promise in the NMDA research and are interested in exploring opportunistic ways to augment the innovative work we have already done.
Our team is driven to create first-in-class or best-in-class medicines with the potential to get patients better, sooner.

Current Partnerships