Healthcare Providers

At Sage, we are thinking differently about drug development. We aim to transform the practice of neuroscience research and rethink how brain health disorders are understood and treated.

Sage Medical Hub

The Sage Medical Hub is a resource for licensed HCPs and other key stakeholders that provides access to Sage’s Global Medical Affairs team.

Visitors to the hub may:

  • Submit Medical Information Requests for accurate and timely medical information
  • Request a call from an MSL
  • Learn about Sage’s funding and giving efforts and submit a grant or sponsorship request
  • View information on Sage’s clinical trials and pipeline

Restoring Balance to the Brain

Modulating GABA and NMDA Receptors

We focus our research and development efforts on modulation of GABA and NMDA receptors—two critical neurotransmitter systems in the brain. The GABA system is the major inhibitory signaling pathway of the brain and central nervous system (CNS); NMDA is the major excitatory pathway. Both contribute significantly to regulating CNS function. Dysfunction in these two systems is known to be at the core of numerous psychiatric and neurological disorders. Our novel investigational compounds are intended to alter activity at these receptors by working with the brain’s natural signaling mechanisms. We believe compounds that are designed to restore balance between excitatory and inhibitory signals within the brain have the potential to treat a range of brain health disorders associated with a variety of cognitive, neurological, and behavioral symptoms.