GABA and NMDA Receptors

The human brain is a network of billions of nerve cells, connected in complex electrical circuits to communicate. Brain health and function depend on these circuits. The flow of information among these circuits is managed by neural regulatory pathways including the GABA and NMDA receptors systems.

Dysfunction in these two systems is known to be at the core of numerous disorders.

  • GABA receptors, when bound by inhibitory neurotransmitters found throughout the brain, act as a brake on nerve activity and calm the brain. When out of balance, this pathway potentially contributes to a number of depressive, neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • NMDA receptors, when activated, increase signaling between nerve cells and play a critical role in stabilizing neural networks. When out of balance, this excitatory receptor system contributes to numerous cognitive dysfunction disorders.

Sage has designed a significant library of novel, proprietary compounds that are intended to specifically modulate GABA or NMDA receptor activity. We’re studying our development compounds for their therapeutic potential in restoring balance in the brain. We believe our focused, practical and deliberate approach to drug development provides the opportunity to develop potentially transformative medicines that we hope will achieve our key goal: make medicines that matter so people can get better, sooner.